Zilliken Saarburg Rausch Riesling Spätlese 2018

Auf den Merkzettel


körperreich, komplex
Mosel Prädikatswein
Mindestens bis 20 Jahre nach der Lese
8-10 °C
8 % vol
6,7 g/l
92  g/l
enthält Sulfite
  • Weinbeschreibung & Verkostungsnotiz

    Die 2018er Riesling Spätlese aus der Großen Lage Saarburg Rausch präsentiert sich in einem brillanten Goldgelb. Dieser Riesling verzückt die Nase mit Anklängen exotischer Frucht (Ananas), reifer Gelbfrucht (Apfel, Pfirsich), dazu Rharbarber und mineralischen Nuancen sowie feiner Würze. Bereits an den Lippen mit Schmelz entfaltet die Spätlese am Gaumen ihre volle Pracht mit bemerkenswerter Reichhaltigkeit, einer präzisen, wohlbalancierten Säure und einer wunderschönen Mineralik. Die Länge ist überragend mit einem frischen, beinahe knackigen, glockenklaren Rhabarberfinale.

    Ein Riesling dieser Klasse und Größe braucht mindestens fünf Jahre Flaschenreife. In seiner Jugend ist dieser Wein eine sichere Wahl zu Desserts mit Erdbeeren oder Brombeer-Pie, in einigen Jahren wird er Königskrabbe, Hummer oder Schwertfisch aufs feinste begleiten.. 

    Ein Rausch für die Sinne ist auch diese 2018er Riesling Spätlese aus der gleichnamigen Saarburger VDP. Großen Lage mit seinem reichhaltigen, weinseeligen Charme. Üppig ist dieser Riesling in jeglicher Hinsicht, aber in einem finessenreichen und eleganten Maß. Dieser Prädikatswein von der Mosel hat auch eine goldene Zukunft, verlangt dem Genießer dafür aber als pure Versuchung Geduld und Enthaltsamkeit ab.

  • Weingut Forstmeister Geltz Zilliken
    Heckingstraße 20
    54439 Saarburg

  • Robert Parker Wine Advocate

    93 / 100 Punkte

    „Picked earlier than the Bockstein in early October, the 2018 Rausch Spätlese offers a clear, bright, slightly spicy (oaky) and citrus-scented nose of tropical fruit with mango and ripe small bananas (not the imported ones, though!). Intense, lush and silky, this is a balanced and endlessly juicy Spätlese that was partly fermented in new Fuders that give an exciting kick in terms of spices and structure. This is an impressive wine that's highly seductive already today, but I'd keep it, though. Tasted in June 2019.”

    After two difficult years with tiny yields, 2018 is a generous vintage for Geltz-Zilliken in terms of quality and quantity. "I have never seen so many filled vats in our cellar," delights Dorothee Zilliken. The family had extended the vineyard acreage by three hectares to now 14 hectares of vines, mainly due to new cultivation contracts in Ayl, Wiltingen and Niedermennig. The added vineyards  increase the volume of the significant Estate Riesling, and 11 hectares are located in the Saarburger Rausch "Grosse Lage." The grapes of the Ayler Kupp were so good that Hanno and Dorothee Zilliken used them to produce a Grosses Gewächs (GG) here. The Kupp, from a leased 0.5-hectare plot inside the original Kupp that also includes the Scheidterberg, is not the only new wine for the Forstmeister, though. For the first time—and due to exceptional qualities and quantities—the Zillikens also selected a first GG from the Ockfener Bockstein, a cru that had exclusively been a source for Zilliken's sweet predicate wines so far. Even a fourth grand cru—the Saarburg Auf der Rausch GG monopole—is in the making but will be released only at the end of 2020 after an extended aging on the lees.

    Zilliken's 2018 were picked between September 23 and October 10, and the dry wines come in with no more than 12% alcohol. The dry Rieslings as well as the feinherb Diabas are exclusively based on the free-run must and the first fraction of the pressing since it had a higher acidity level than the part that ran from the press later. "We did that already in 2009 and always do so for our base wines that will undergo the second fermentation to become sparkling wine," explains Hanno Zilliken and also stresses that no tartaric acid had been added in any of the wines, although this had been allowed.

    The Butterfly, the GGs and the partly exceptional Auslesen are the most important wines of the 2018 vintage at Zilliken, but there was no suitable material to produce the Kabinett style. And there was no botrytis, not even for the produced Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese that are based on healthy shriveled berries and offer brilliant tropical fruit flavors in 2018.

    All the wines were fermented at naturally cool cellar temperatures of 10 degrees Celsius (50 degree Fahrenheit). The results are perfectly ripe and elegant as well as fascinatingly precise, mineral-piquant and gripping Rieslings with many features of a cool vintage (such as stony and herbal notes), although the ripeness level is enormous.

    Comparisons with such an exceptional Saar vintage as 2018 are always difficult. Like so many of his colleagues, Hanno Zilliken names the 1959 vintage, which was also an early vintage but very different from 2018. There are also some parallels to 2003 and 2011, even with the generosity and richness of 2005 and the tropical flavors of 1997, but in the end, 2018 is a unique vintage that will shine for decades. This is especially true when it comes to the Auslesen, of which the Zillikens have produced quite a few outstanding selections. After some difficult vintages, 2018 marks a fulminant comeback of Geltz-Zilliken.

    James Suckling

    95 / 100 Punkte (bezieht sich auf Jahrgang: 2017)

    „Beautiful apricot and lemon nose. A stunning balance of power and vibrancy on the palate, which leads to that whiplash finish that's so fresh it could wake the dead. You can measure the aging potential of this in decades, but it's already stunning.“


    92 / 100 Punkte

    „This wine was raised in a five-year-old fuder with the intention of lending some structure and some pushback to its sweetness – and there is indeed a lot of sweetness here, pushing things in a syrupy direction. Quince and pear jellies and glazed pineapple dominate on the nose and the viscous, glycerol-rich palate. Happily, there is a lovely sense of lift despite the wine’s sheer concentration. Hints of zest from candied citrus peels as well as of resin from barrel add to the counterpoint supplied by tangy pineapple core on a finish of formidable persistence. And one hopes that there will be further diversity as well as a counter to the sweetness as this wine evolves in bottle. It originated with a 117-Oechsle must, and Hanno Zilliken even referred to it as a “super Auslese,” adding with a smile, “one that lent itself to offering as our auction Spätlese.” And he readily admitted that the estate has never before marketed as Spätlese any wine this concentrated and from fruit this high in must weight. (Readers already familiar with the Zillikens’ unique approach to registration numbers will recognize that this wine’s A.P. #7 implies not just that they deemed it superior in quality but also that it reflects a higher must weight than do three wines – the A.P. #s 8-10 – that were labeled as Auslese.)“

    Wine Enthusiast

    93 / 100 Punkte (bezieht sich auf Jahrgang: 2017)

    „Opening notes of smoke, wax and honey meld into sunny tangerine and pineapple in this featherlight yet deeply concentrated wine. Swirls of honey and saffron are contrasted with racy strikes of steel and salt on the palate. Medium sweet yet impeccably balanced, it's a wine to enjoy for decades to come.“


    92 / 100 Punkte

    „Reife Frucht, etwas Akazienhonig, Würze, reife Trauben, Rosine, Aprikose. Viel Schmelz, viel Extrakt und Süße, dazu reife Säure, feine Mineralik. Helle reife Frucht, Honig, geröstete Mandel, lang. Gemacht, um zu bleiben - bitte reifen lassen.“

    Luca Gardini

    98 / 100 Punkte

    „Saarburg, the heart of Zilliken, a winery existing in this territory since the first half of the eighteen century. A subsoil made of volcanic rock and basalt, vineyards on steep slopes between 35% and 75%, which produce a Riesling also considered as an illuminating example of extreme viticulture. On the nose, aromas of green apple, melon and yellow-fleshed peach with a nice mineral presence. In the tasting phase, it is extraordinarily rich, with a cruncy and ample fruit held by a long-lasting acidity and a very long persistence ending majestically in balsamic notes”

    Auszeichnungen für Weingut und Winzer
    Winzer des Jahres 2017 Gault & Millau
    5/5 Trauben - Weltklasse Gault & Millau 2018
    4/5 Sterne = Hervorragender Erzeuger Eichelmann Weinführer 2018

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Zilliken Saarburg Rausch Riesling Spätlese 2018

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